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If you’re an English speaking health provider and have Spanish speaking patients, we are so grateful that you’re making the effort to find resources in their language!! Thank you.

And if you’re an advocate for health justice and body liberation, understand that availability of resources in Spanish is a crucial aspect of accessibility for many vulnerable folks, and wish to support our labor, we are deeply grateful too. 

Because the rest of our website is in Spanish, below you will find a brief introduction about our Center and our services, and some resources. If you wish to skip straight to the resources, just scroll down.

At Mindful Eating Mexico we help humans heal and cultivate radical self-care, wellbeing, joy and fulfillment in their mind-bodies, grounded in a weight inclusive paradigm through practices based in mindfulness and compassion.

We are passionate about contributing to a movement of body liberation, with access to radical wellbeing for every body. Our approach to self care, nourishment and movement honors and celebrates each person’s individual desires, needs and wisdom. We envision a world in which it is safe for every person to inhabit their body.

If you are looking to refer patients or are seeking professional consultation / supervision for your work with Latinx patients, you can contact us at We offer all of our services online (we usually offer in person services in Mexico City, though at this time due to COVID19 we’re only active in the online space. 

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Our Services

We offer a range of services for individuals concerned about body, food, and weight related issues, as well as for those struggling with an eating disorder, or navigating the challenges of a medically restricted diet / medical nutrition therapy to care for a health condition or food allergies and sensitivities.

  • Coaching and healing conversations surrounding food and body with a focus on body respect and body trust
  • Mindfulness and compassion based eating
  • Medical consulting and strategy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mentoring and consulting for health providers

We offer all of our services face-to-face and online in Spanish and English. All of our providers are credentialed and licensed to practice in Mexico. If you live in other countries with particular local licensing requirements for online services/telehealth, please be advised that we might not be able offer medical consultation, psychotherapy or clinical nutrition services. We can, however, offer coaching and healing conversations with providers who have extensive clinical training and experience, as well as cultural knowledge that you may benefit from. We also offer consulting for providers who serve marginalized or minority populations in the fields of eating disorders, psychotherapy, nutrition, mindful eating, intuitive eating, compassion and body trust, particularly those serving Latinxs.

You can hire us for professional translations with a sensitivity and nuanced language pertaining to body image, nutrition, weight inclusivity, HAES(R), mindful eating, eating disorders, feminism and social justice.

Although it is probably pretty evident by now, we want to explicitly say that our approach is not about weight loss/management. We will not treat any body as a problem to be fixed or as an improvement project, nor will we contribute in any way to the suffering, trauma, oppression and stigma created by  the weight centric paradigm, diet culture, and healthism.

Who We Are

Our names link to our full bio sketch in Spanish. While we work on getting the English version online, feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about us.

  • Lilia Graue, MD, LMFT. Medical consultant & strategist. Mindfulness & compassion based eating. You can read more about me in English here.
  • Lorena Aranda, RD, MA. Eating disorders specialist.
  • Patricia Graue. Clinical psychologist in training, specializing in survivors of sexual violence and weight stigma.
  • Pilar Muguira, Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach and Certified Body Trust Provider.
  • Guadalupe Rozada, RD, MSc. Specializing in mindful parenting, mindful pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as mindful eating throughout all ages.
  • Gina Salame, RD. Specializing in eating disorders and medical nutrition therapy. 
  • Gina Tager, Certified Mind-Body Eating and Positive Psychology Coach
How To Schedule a Session / Contact Us

Please contact us at 

Resources in Spanish

Here you will find some links for Spanish resources on mindful eating, and weight inclusive approaches.

We’ve tried to make most of the essential resources available in Spanish, and we’ve volunteered to translate different resources. We have also collaborated with colleagues and organizations listed below. Unfortunately, there is still a scarcity of literature on mindful eating, HAES®, body respect, Body Trust®, weight inclusivity, health justice, and body liberation in Spanish, both for the general public and for health providers. If you wish to contribute to making more resources available, you can hire us to translate specific contents (e.g. books, blog posts, handouts) authored by you and/or donate via PayPal so we can devote more time towards making more materials available.We are continuously curating and updating these resources, we appreciate your patience!

Thank you for supporting us in spreading the word in the Spanish speaking world.

Podcast episode: Inclusión y Justicia Corporal (Inclusion and body justice)

Introducción a mindful eating (Introduction to Mindful Eating)

Podcast episode: Mindful Eating

Podcast episode: Mindful Eating en Familia (Mindful Eating as a Family)

Video interview: Tu relación con la comida (Your relationship with food)

Guided practices (6 audios & 3 videos)

HAES curriculum in Spanish on ASDAH’s HAES curriculum webpage (translated by Lilia Graue, our Director)

NAAFA brochures in Spanish (translated by our team)

Articles by Lucy Aphramor (translated by Lilia Graue)

Other texts and resources translated by Lilia Graue (click on the link and scroll down on the Translation Services page)

Here is the link to our blog.


Links to other organizations with Spanish resources

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